Agua Maya

Eau de parfum

Agua Maya

The greatness of Spain was at its peak during the discovery of the New World. Navigating through the waters of the American and Oceanian continent, the Spanish explorers encountered new territories, nations, cultures, and materials.
These adventures and abundant finds sublimed Europe, making it glorious and heroic.
That was the real purpose behind such an epic: discover, learn, exchange.
The perfumes of Nuevo Mundo’s collection transcribe the discovery of these hidden civilizations: so let’s navigate, let’s swim in their universe which is certainly different yet profoundly human.



The copal that we burn, the tobacco that we smoke,

the mezcal, all in a trance, the cacao, bittersweet.

A warrior nation that watches its location,

sacrifices to the Gods, Ô blessed are the skies.

Healing perfume with an animal scent,

A chaman will remove all your torment.

It’s the Maya’s civilization, navigator, astronomer,

that still to this day shines upon others.


Ingredients: Alcohol*, Parfum (natural fragrance)***, Agave Espadin Distilled (Mezcal)****, Bursera Copallifera Gum Extract, Santalum Austrocaledonicum Wood Oil, Limonene**, Linalool**, Plumeria Alba Flower Extract, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract*, Benzyl Salicylate**, Nicotiana Tabacum Leaf Extract, Theobroma Cacao Extract, Benzyl Benzoate**, Geraniol**, Aquilaria Crassna Wood Oil, Benzyl Alcohol**, Citral**, Farnesol**, Coumarin**, Eugenol**.

* ingredients from Ecological Agriculture
** natural constituent of essential oils
***Parfum (natural fragrance): natural plant extracts, woods and/or resins, chosen by the perfumer.

**** : Espadin Distilled (Mezcal) commercial project with ENMEZCALARTE® 

100.00% of all ingredients have a natural origin from which 88.06 % are produced by Organic Farming

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