Antique fragrance oil



Artisanal blown glass of Hebron

Olfactory pyramid


EROS: EROS is the ultimate perfume of seduction, as irresistible as the song of the mermaids. Its oriental richness is brought out by a splendid floral bouquet of Rose, Osmanthus and Iris, touched off by spices and warm wood. The enveloping sweetness of Madagascar Vanilla harmonises the ensemble, thus revealing a sensual and magnetic amber-scented blend. Transcendent through the skin, this sensuous ointment becomes addictive and captivating.

HISTORY: Unguentum was the first perfume in history obtained by maceration of herbs in vegetable oil, was used by Mediterranean civilizations for hygiene and beauty rituals after the thermal baths. Rediscover this mythical oil in its original artisanal blown glass bottle of Hebron. Each bottle has characteristics that make it unique, by its color, shape or dimensions.

Our collaborative project with small-scale factories in Hebron contributes to the development of this region and maintains this precious tradition.

HOW TO USE IT: Gently apply the scented oil to hot spots (wrists, ankles, elbows and neck) using the cork stopper, or directly by pouring drops onto the palm of the hand. As an oil-based perfume, this fragrance’s diffusion is very gentle and longer lasting than an alcohol- based eau de toilette. We recommend massaging the oil in when applying it, to promote the perfume’s fixation and diffusion.

INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis Oil*, Rosa Damascena Extract*, Olea Europea Oil*, Vainilla Planifolia Oil*, Parfum (natural fragrance), Citral**, Linalool**, Limonene**, Citral**, Geraniol**

* ingredients produced by Organic Farming
** content naturally in essential oils

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