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Patio Spirit



PATIO SPIRIT is a fumigation composition developed by our perfumer to plunge the user into a mystical, reassuring ambiance.

Indeed, the most emblematic woods and resins of the world of perfumery are perfectly combined to  deliver a haunting amber fragrance. The fresh notes of Oman and Aztec Copal incense bring dynamism and character, while Australian Sandalwood offers an unmatched milky sweetness. The amber note is supported by Myrrh, Sumatran Benzoin and Storax, which are sweet. This union will bring you a calm and voluptuous fragrance.

In addition, PATIO SPIRIT gives pride of place to an ancestral perfumed gesture.

Practised for thousands of years in certain regions of the East, perfuming the body and clothing ‘by means of smoke’ (from the Latin ‘per fumum’; perfume) is also perfectly possible.

PATIO SPIRIT therefore offers an olfactory symbol of our brand, dedicated to your well-being.

Instructions for use:
Fumigate over burning coal in an incense burner.

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