Attar Lola

Perfume extract

Attar Lola


Olfactory pyramid


HISTORY :The Attars are perfumes of Indian origin that value an emblematic raw material of this region since thousands of years: Sandalwood.

Precious sandalwood essential oil is used as a carrier for other ingredients, like alcohol in Eaux de Cologne or Eaux de Toilette. The woody extract is therefore present in very large quantities, which offers rare olfactory opulence and unrivalled fixation of the perfume on the skin, while remaining a sublime subtlety.


LOLA : Exceptional fragrance, LOLA become Amber and Musk in just a few moments. Enriched with white flowers and precious woods, this scents already very sensual lays finally on a bed of a transcendent Sandalwood. Wildly dedicated to the love under Indian tradition, LOLA is a fragrant treasure of Orient.


HOW TO USE IT: For easy application of this time-honoured product, we offer it in a roll-on bottle, ideal for carrying everywhere and perfect for applying the oil onto the body’s hot spots: wrists, elbows, ankles and neck.

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