Voluta Myrrh

Aromatic candle

Voluta Myrrh


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History: Immerse yourself in the mystical spirit of oriental perfumes, with these candles made with unique know-how, mixing the vegetable wax with precious resins, incense, myrrh, benzoin, etc.

VOLUTA ceramic is handmade and decorated by Fajalauza, ceramists from Granada since 1640.

Myrrh: Discover the purifying properties of this millennial resin with soft and green notes close to liquorice. Myrrh improves concentration in addition to providing your home with an exquisite olfactory atmosphere.

Use: Leave the candle lit for a few minutes so that the wax melts on the surface. The fragrance will only disperse once the candle has gone out, whilst the wax solidifies. Repeating this operation regularly optimizes the effect of all scented candles.

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