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A treasure among perfumery’s most splendid ingredients, sandalwood is an exceptional fine wood. It is prized by numerous cultures around the world due to its exquisite perfume steeped in mysticism. Its sweet and extremely delicate note is heightened by charcoal burning, delivering an intoxicating smoky and musky fragrance. Superb on its own and in combination with other resins, sandalwood always stands out for its irresistible elegance and finesse. Originally from India, the finest quality sandalwood can nowadays be found on the South Pacific islands. In contrast to what is too often found on the market, our sandalwood chips are completely pure and un-distilled, guaranteeing their essential oil content.

Cultivation: traditional

Used part: wood

Origin: Australia, Oceania

Instructions for use: As fumigation in an incense burner or on embers. As alcoholic macerate to produce tincture and use in perfumery.

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