Oman Frankincense Al-Hojari

Raw resin

Oman Frankincense Al-Hojari


Kraft pot


The Royal Al-Hojari exceptional incense resin comes from the Boswellia sacra and is recognised as the finest in the world. It dates back to the origins of fumigation and therefore of perfumery as a whole. From Egyptian temples to Christian churches and Roman ludus, throughout history this incense has enlivened a wide range of spaces with its transcendent, intoxicating scent. The Sacra incense variety, recognised as the best in the world, delivers zesty and woody notes, and a delicately velvety bouquet during fumigation, and above all a uniquely rich amber facet. Our on-site sourcing gives us direct access to this olfactory treasure, the founding symbol of perfumery’s heritage.

Cultivation : wild

Used part : resin

Origin : Oman

Instructions for use: As fumigation in an incense burner or on embers. As alcoholic macerate to produce tincture and use in perfumery.

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